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Subhead: breaking ground in cyber real estate

By Wayne Caparas

In an effort to draw immediate attention to its advanced Internet services, The Barkley Fraser Company is among the first in the state to affix .com to its trademark.  The commercial real estate firm also has officially changed its name to and adopted the slogan “where commercial real estate clicks.”

Marketing and more

Founded in 1989 by J. Miles Barkley and Chris Fraser, the company was one of the first Lowcountry businesses in its field to develop a full-service Web site with multiple business partner links. And, as a local forerunner to high-profile Internet use--a move that many real estate experts believe will change the landscape of the is the first local company to jump out of the gate with an ad campaign designed specifically to promote its new cyber-services.

“The Web has allowed us to leverage our use of technology even further by presenting our company to the public in a way that shows our leadership in this area,” states Barkley.

Both Barkley and Fraser say the new name is a reflection of’s emphasis on the cost-effective tools of the trade available only through the Web.  Although many of their competitors are working on or have already implemented their own Web sites, Barkley and Fraser are betting their name change and its built-in message will set them ahead of the curve.  In addition to real-time information and communication services, the firm’s Web site includes click-on options for listings, development projects and an area search.

While most business people believe in the future significance of the World Wide Web, some cyber-savvy analysts are debating the long-term benefit to .com name changing. is confident that its new distinction is worth banking on.

The big question hanging in the balance is whether this shift will enjoy longevity in its positive impact on the marketplace, or if it will some day play victim to the depreciating effects of over-application or technological obsolescence. 

In the meantime, most analysts agree there are substantial short-term advantages to adding the .com suffix to a company’s name if the change is effectively marketed.

For Fraser, the name change gives potential customers the right message about the firm’s forward-thinking use of Internet technology. “Our name change is not meant to imply that we will reduce or change our commitment to customer service on a personal level, but to state our commitment to increased performance with an increased commitment to the use of technologies available today and in the future.”